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Moving Back

I’m back to being single. It turns out that being single is what I’m best at, and most importantly what is best for me right now. After so long of wanting a relationship it turns out that I actually really sucked at being in one.

I’m back in London, living with two of my best friends, having broken up with my boyfriend and leaving him rather heartbroken back home. My life is finally back on the right track, and I am happier than I have been in a long time.

I hadn’t realised how unhappy and not myself I was when I was in the relationship. I had stopped writing, my life was in limbo and I loved someone who clearly wasn’t right for me. My future was looking pretty dire and it wasn’t what I had originally planned for myself. My boyfriend told me that we can’t control our futures and we just have to go with what was happening and make the best out of it. I disagreed so strongly with this that I changed everything with a blink of an eye. I’m breaking up with him, I’m going back to London, I’m going to go travelling and my future will be completely in my control. I hold the key to my mind which has the power to shape my life.

So here I am, single, happy, and shaping my own future.


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